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dc.contributor.authorHamarta, Erdalen_US
dc.contributor.authorÖzyeşil, Zümraen_US
dc.contributor.authorDeniz, Metinen_US
dc.contributor.authorDilmaç, Bülenten_US
dc.identifier.citationHamarta, E., Özyeşil, Z., Deniz, M., Dilmaç, B. (2013). The prediction level of mindfulness and locus of control on subjective well-being. International Journal of Academic Research. 5.2, 145-150.en_US
dc.descriptionÖzyeşil, Zümra (Arel Author) --- #nofulltext#en_US
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this study is to examine whether mindfulness and locus of control predict subjective well-being at a significant level.The population of the study consists of university students, and the study sample is composed of 531 students selected through random group sampling. 320 (60.3%) of the students were females, while 211 (39.7%) of them were males, and the mean age of the both groups was 21.29 (Sd:1.87). The data were collected using Mindful Attention Awareness Scale, Locus of Control Scale and two other scales used to determine subjective well-being; that is, the Positive and Negative Affect Schedule and the Life Satisfaction Scale. Pearsonmoments correlation coefficient and multiple regression analysis were used to analyze the data in the study. According to the findings of the study, there was a significant positive correlation between mindfulness and subjective well-being (r=.28, p<.001). It was seen that mindfulness accounted for 8.1% of the total variance in subjective well-being. On the other hand, there was a significant negative correlation between locus of control and subjective well-being (r=-.22, p<.001). Locus of control accounted for 4.7% of the total variance in subjective well-being. The findings of the study indicated that mindfulness and locus of control predicts subjective well-being at a significant level.en_US
dc.titleThe prediction level of mindfulness and locus of control on subjective well-beingen_US
dc.relation.journalInternational Journal of Academic Researchen_US
dc.contributor.departmentİstanbul Arel Üniversitesi, Fen Edebiyat Fakültesi, Psikoloji Bölümü.en_US
dc.relation.publicationcategoryMakale - Ulusal Hakemli Dergi - Kurum Öğretim Elemanıen_US

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